How to make tappable outfits?

How do you make tappable outfits for a dressing game? I’m trying to put each outfit inside of a bubble thingy (I hope that makes sense). If you know to do these things, please comment down below.

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Go to the clothing section of the animation catalogue and screenshot the clothing you’d like. Then remove the backgrounds and use an editing app to stack them on top of each other to create an outfit. Then upload them as an overlay and voila.

Oh okay. I’ve seen in some stories where the authors would have the outfits in some sort of bubble like shape. I’m trying to figure out how to do that as well.

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While in the editing stage, put your bubble in a layer behind the clothing.

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You can check dara amarie templates I think she has one.

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Go to the outfits in the portal and right click on the clothing image and click save as. You can download the clothing image already as a PNG with a transparent background. Upload the image as an overlay and place that overlay on top of whatever bubble overlay you have. Or you can just use a photo editor and add the clothing image to the bubble image and save as PNG and upload that as an overlay.


Oh okay! Thanks!

Alright, thanks.

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