How to make tear drop fade while it’s going down?

Hey guys, I have a problem. I’m writing a scene where a character is crying and I’m using this teardrop overlay. The thing is, I want the teardrop to slowly fade out WHILE it’s going down to a spot and I’ve tried everything I know, but I just can’t figure it out!

Any help is appreciated! :orange_heart:

&overlay TEARDROP shifts to 183 263 in zone 3 in 2
&overlay TEARDROP scales to 0.061 0.061 in 2
@overlay TEARDROP opacity 0 in 2

Assuming you have the tear drop going down, increasing its size and fading out

Keep all time the same (2), use @ for the last one and & for the above ones to make everything happen at the same time.

*remember to test everything out on the app.

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Alright, I will try it out, thank you so much!!

Np :blob_hearts:

Can read more on overlays here:

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Thank you! But it didn’t work for some reason, the teardrop overlay didn’t appear on the screen :thinking:

Can you show more of your code (above) when you create it? And make sure to use layers.


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Sure, here it is:

#To create it:

&overlay TEARDROP create
&overlay TEARDROP shifts to 183 335 in zone 3
&overlay TEARDROP scales to 0.061 0.061
&overlay TEARDROP to layer 3
@overlay TEARDROP opacity 1 in 1

#To have it fall:

&overlay TEARDROP shifts to 183 263 in zone 3 in 2
@overlay TEARDROP opacity 0 in 2


  • Make sure you are NOT testing this on a black background that comes from Episode
  • The size does NOT need to be changed as you start off with 0.061 0.061 and stay that same size as the tear drop falls.
  • Make sure the overlay name is spelled correctly.
  • You’d use the overlay helper to move it around and get to the coordinates you like.
  • I’d suggest to remove the @pause for a beat on 123
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Alright, I’ll try it again! Thank you. :))

It worked!! Thank you so so much! :smile::smile::orange_heart:


Closed: Marked as solved by op @Moonandstars.epi and thanks to @JemU776 for the help :v: