How to make the background to move

i am writing my story and i am stuck with a problem that how to make the background to move in a loop as the character walks in one direction for a few seconds…
please help me asap so that i can continue writing my story…

Use the code @cut to zone (1/2/3), zones are just the sections of the background, some have 2 but most have 3, mess around a bit.

@cut takes the scene straight to that zone.

@pan to zone (1/2/3) moves the background to that zone.

that’s right but when we do @pan to zone 3 it stops in that direction.
i want to know how to move the background in a loop for a few seconds like showing the effect that a character is walking deep inside the forest

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Hm, I believe there is a few backgrounds which are coded to loop automatically, for example the fields, they have “loop” in the name, it’s not something I’m aware of, so I can’t help you. Sorry.

its ok. by the way thank you…

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look search in google “moving backgrounds in episode” there a guy In youtube named Joseph Evans he explains all of these :slight_smile: