How to make the bartender go to another zone behind the bar

hi so im trying to make the bartender go to zone 3 while being behind the bar and she is going to give drinks to another cousoumer and the want to show that but i dot know how any advice?

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First u need a bar overlay

And move your character on negative numbers layers

Oh, you have to cut the zone first for example
put the overlay table layer into 1 and put the bartender layer into 2
@cut to zone 3
and then you have to place her where you want her to be and then remove the cut to zone 3 after that add
@BARTENDER walks to [spot] in zone 3

If you still don’t understand i reccomend watching this tutorial !! :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Hope i helped !! & happy writing !! :white_heart::smiling_face:

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no, what i mean is that the bartender is talking to the MC in zone one while the bartender is behind the bar and the MC is not, then the Li shouts for the bartender to come to zone three, and she goes. but i don’t know how to move her to zone 3 while being behind the bar.