How to make the characters only change expressions?


If you ever read “My psycho” of Bukii.epi, you can see in the story that the characters remain the same position and only change their expressions
How do you do that??


Like this…?


See @Apes comment :slight_smile:


You’ll have to create a clone of the character, make them do the animation off screen…Then spot them to the place you want them to be!


Oh well I know how to do that,


But what I’m asking here is like you have your character in a position of “idle_hold_gun” and it looks angry, but then with the character still remaining into a same positon, only the mouth turns into a smile


I get what you mean now…It’s done with overlays.
Here’s an example…Correct me if I’m wrong.

I made this for my story a while ago, is this what you’re talking about?


Omg this is it!tysm! How do you do this?


I use Clip Paint Studio, and edit certain facial features on…
If you want, I could do it for you
Just let me know what you need!


Omg! Tysm​:sob::sob: so I need this face of my male character slightly smirking


Do you need the details?


Yeah, and I’ll need the animations of both.

Like if you want Idle_sad with a smirk, or shush eyes with a smile.


I want an eyeroll with a smirk :smiley:


I can also do it with eyes, like how Evil Ebonni does in “Fine Line”


Face: defined triangle
Skin: honey
Mouth: uneven (terrecotta)
Nose: button
Hair: short cropped (cayenne)
Eyebrows: thin arch
Eyes: deepest piercing (taupe)




Hajhaha this is so amazing​:joy::joy::joy:


I should probably make a thread of out this to help everyone who wants something like this in their stories . :joy:


I need two outfits
First: ripped punk pants
Winter coat black
Black racing shirt
Black leather buckle bracelet

Second: henley shirt (heather grey)
Ripped punk pants
Black buckle bracelet