How to make the entrance of a character which name was chosen by user?

I was trying to make a script of where the user will choose his or her own name. Now, how can I make a character which name was chosen by the user enter the scene? Is there a script code that I should use for it or I must @YOU?

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Say you named the character YOU and you gave the option to let the reader choose their own name. The script would look something like this.

So… what’s your name?

label first_name_input

input What’s Your First Name?|What’s Your First Name?|Done(YOU)

                   Your name is [YOU], is this correct?

“No, I messed up!”{
goto first_name_input

For entering:


@YOU enters from left to screen right and YOU is walk_neutral

Sounds fantastic.

But how could I possibly make sure that the character NAME I entered should possibly be seen in the scene all the time?

Is it like

I am pretty sure of it.

AM I correct with it?

Also, I wanted to see the exact code if the user’s name he chose is correct.

Default Name: You

Whatever you named the character is the name you will use but the readers name will still show up. :blush:

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Glad you pitched in. Thank you for your tip sharing. I’ll bear this in mind.

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