How to make the Narrator Box smaller?



My name is Natisha and I’m stuck on how to change the size of the Narrator box. The text box covers my characters face, so if anyone has any ideas I would be so grateful, thanks :smiley:


You can use the speech bubble helper to resize your speech bubble/narrator bubble. It’s located:
(Taken from my story)


You can place the speechbubble higher or lower by manually setting its coordinates.
@speechbubble is x y to 100%
To make it smaller use scale less than 100%
@speechbubble is 160 464 to 80%
This one will be at the top and of smaller size.
@speechbubble is 164 129 to 150%
This one will be lower and of larger size.
Hope this was helpful :slight_smile:


How do you reset speech bubble size after that?


@speechbubble reset


OMG thank you so much Dara!


thanks so much




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