How to make the students stand in the corridor without taking long time

Hi, I’m new to episode. I just want some help regarding to this part in my story. Basically i want some students to be in INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY LOCKERS - DAY. I tried to do a scene but the characters are seems to appear late so can u guys pls help me in this pls

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&CHAR spot x y AND CHAR is animation AND CHAR faces left/right
&CHAR2 spot x y AND CHAR2 is AND CHAR2 faces left/right


&CHAR spot x y AND CHAR is AND CHAR faces left/right AND CHAR2 spot x y AND CHAR2 is AND CHAR faces left/right

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“does it while” should only be used if you want a character to walk while doing an animation. Use is or starts if they are only standing.


i want some characters to you know talk, flirt with each other.

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thank you soo much for helping me. i was stuck in this part for more than a week

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