How to make timed tappables

Hey y’all!

One of my favorite stories is “The Infected” and one of my favorite things about it are the tappables. I know that she also has timed tappables and I was wondering if anyone knew how to do that? I’d love to try to make my own minigame!

~ Jojo


Oh, I would like to learn that too!! :star_struck: :crazy_face: :blush:

Hm… I actually never tried this…ima going to test it.:slight_smile:

So I figured it out

it is the same as normal timed choice you just need one more option (which is not overlay) for what should happen if they will not tapp on time (without it it seems to not work as timed but normal tappable)

I used overlay KICK and PUNCH and this worked:

&overlay KICK create
&overlay KICK shifts to 167 371 in zone 1
&overlay KICK moves to layer 4
&overlay PUNCH create
&overlay PUNCH shifts to 0 154 in zone 1
&overlay PUNCH moves to layer 5
&overlay KICK opacity 1
&overlay PUNCH opacity 1

Tap the right choice
tappable [timed: 5]
"KICK" {
Add what should happen if KICK is tapped
} “PUNCH” {
Add what should happen if PUNCH is tapped
} “else” {
&overlay KICK opacity 0
&overlay PUNCH opacity 0
Here write what will happen if they do not tapp anything on time
&overlay KICK opacity 0
&overlay PUNCH opacity 0
Story fallows here

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Thank you!

I created walkthroug for it wit come extra tricks I have found out by the testing:

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