How to make/upload your own overlay!

First you select what background you want to get an overlay from.
(The background isn’t mine its @abygail.bauman’s)
(The editor I’m using is pixlr pro, but you can also use the free version of Pixlr or any other editor, doesn’t matter.)

Now, I want to get the little Island in the middle so I’m going to select my lasso tool, a little drop menu should appear with the different types of lasso’s if you have your mouse over the lasso tool.
I’m going to use the Polygonal Lasso because I find it easier to use when doing something like this.

Now that you have selected your tool you’re going to trace over what you want as your overlay, it should look a little like this:

hold Cmd + C (For windows it’s Ctrl + C), then hold down Cmd + V (For Windows it would be Ctrl + V) when you’ve done that you should see a new layer pop up in your little layers tab.

Your overlay should be layer 1.
Next, you have to go back to Layer 0 and delete the background (press the delete key on your keyboard) if you still have it selected with the lasso tool make sure you deselect by clicking on the little dots with the lasso tool.
Once you’ve deleted the background it should look like this:

Save it as a .png
(To do that click file then you should get the drop down menu)
You should be greeted with this tab, make sure to click save!

Go to the episode website!


Click on Overlays

Click on “Uploaded to YOUR Account”
Click on Select.

Then select your overlay, and you should be shown this page. Name your overlay and tick the box.

This message should appear, you can use your overlay but you can’t publish your episodes with them until they’re approved.
I hope that this was useful, if you have any questions comment them below :smiley: , make sure to stay positive down there and no fights or I’ll have this post closed.