How to make ur characters hug... Both are girls

How to make my characters hug both are girls by the way one stands in screen center another one in screen right

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You need to give them a hug animation and spot direct them.

I have tried it but it looks messy

The characters won’t look like they are hugging if you spot them by screen center and screen right. So, to make them look more realistic in hugging, you need to manually spot direct them. Here’s an example:

&CHARACTER spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER starts hug_neutral
@CHARACTER2 spot 1.280 182 0 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND CHARACTER2 faces right AND CHARACTER2 starts hug_neutral_rear


It doesn’t look like hugging at all😐…

Their layering is off because you directed them using “screen center” etc.

So in order for them to get in layer properly, you need to replace those lines “@LILY enters from left to screen center” and “ALICIA stands screen right” to “…walks to spot S X Y in zone 3” and “…spot S X Y in zone 3”.


@cut to zone 3
@ALICIA spot 1.280 182 0 in zone 3 at layer 1 AND ALICIA faces left AND ALICIA starts deepbreath
@LILY spot 1.280 300 0 in zone 2 at layer 0
@pause for a beat
@LILY walks to spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 3 AND LILY starts walk_worried_loop
@LILY faces right AND LILY starts hug_neutral AND ALICIA faces right AND ALICIA starts hug_neutral_loop_rear

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thank you so much girl it worked​:blush::blush:

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