How to make video edits

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I hope you are all doing well
I wanted to start making video edits but unfortunately I don’t know what app to use or how to do it can someone plz help me ?

i’m using KineMaster. it’s really good and simple. It’s free. I have the yearly subscription £18.99/year.

you can also use alight motion, I am using the free version and I like it even if I’m not an expert

some edits that I did are simple, but I really like them and also tutorials are very helpful

Thank you but I am looking for free ones :blush:

THANKS :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I’ll go try it now

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You Can Use FILMORA SOFTWARE. :slightly_smiling_face:

I use the CuteCut app, it’s free! The pro version (I don’t remember what the difference was between regular and pro) is only like $5 last I knew, but that’s a one time payment. I use this for all of my video editing for YouTube videos and speed paints.

Vinkle is great! It’s free and super easy!

I’ll check that out too

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Oh I can’t give money id the simple version free?

I’ll try it :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yes the regular version is free!

Ok I’ll try that too

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there’s a free version as well

Oh okay I’ll try it too

i’ve rarely seen free video applications for edits on laptop…

after effects is the most common one and the best one

I’m using it and i love it even though it took me months to fully learn the thing

alight motion pro and sony vegas are also a good ones.