How To Make Word Overlays? :)

I recently got my cover made by @Crestfallen but I realized I wanted words to appear on the cover if that makes sense. :sweat_smile:

just make a text edit with a transparent background and make sure it’s PNG

example >>>

Ok thanks! :slight_smile:

I usually go to

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So, this is what I do.

First, I write up something in PowerPoint & make it fancy.

Then I right click and it gives me a list of options. One of them is save as Picture, so I click that. I name it and then save. The word is saved as a PNG file, and it transparent (has no background) so I upload it into my overlays section in the art catalog.

You can also do these for individual letters. Just write them separately instead of in one text box.

And then add them onto your background using commands for an overlay.

I hope this helps <3 <3 <3

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Thank you so much this was very helpful! :smile:

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Thank you so much for the link :blush:

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