How to make you pc aesthetically pleasing!

How to make your laptop aesthetic
Does your laptop look boring or has no colour to it? do you wanna be creative and organised with how you work?This is your place.

Gosh I sound like a commercial

Remember that I’m using windows 10 for this, so it may not work depending on what windows you have

First of all we will get started with display screen
Now many people might now know this but you can make your laptop look amazing and aesthetic by simply changing your background

First thing I recommend is changing the wallpaper.

Here is how you do that!
Right click with your mouse and a bunch of options will pop
You have to choose Personalize

After clicking it, this will come

You will have to press the browse button to upload your wallpapers, Remember, your image should be 1136 by 786 or the image might not be how you want You can always go to to resize the image.

You can always go to to get ideas and wallpapers

Next we will remove all the icons ans shortcuts

Here’s how you do that
Like before, right click your display but this time choose View
after clicking that, press Hide desktop icons and that should hide all of them!

The next thing I like to do is change how my taskbar looks
If you don’t know what the heck is an taskbar, here you go

I have kept it cute and rainbow but of course you can change that!

The last thing I like to do is hide my taskbar
I know many people don’t like doing this but I prefer my screen with nothing on it.

For this, right click the Taskbar and choose lock taskbar
That should get rid of your taskbar!

On to the lovely chrome browser we all love

Please skip this part if you don’t use chrome

Let’s start with Extensions

What are extensions?
Extensions are kind of like a mini app on your browser that can change your browser and make it look more interesting

I actually use a bunch of extensions and i will not mention all of them

First we need to go to the extensions store

How to go there?

Go to the top right corner of the web page and press the 3 dots

From there, press more tools - extensions
From there you will find different extensions

Here are the extensions I use:

Lets starts with Momentum

What is momentum?
lemme show you a screenshot for you to understand better!

You can be more organised with this extensions by planning the tasks and I think this is one of the best of the extensions

Custom cursors

These is an absolutely amazing extensions i use! basically with this you can customise and upload your own cursors, the one I’m using is the bacon and egg one.

That’s it for now, please do tell me if I’m forgetting something or I shall put something

I have taken these screenshots a long time ago, so it doesnt match my time

Thanks! Bye!

Here are all the wallpapaers i like to use
when sharing, please give credit or not



Wow! It’s a very cool post! Thank you for sharing! :blush:

I have Linux :sweat_smile:

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Omg I didn’t know custom cursor exist, thank you for this, I’ll definelty try it out!

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Thank you :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::heart::joy: you made me laugh your post is brilliant bump :pleading_face:

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check out the wallpapers!

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