How to make your character speak another Language with Accent marks

Well, this was a different post, but since I couldn’t delete the post I decided to make it useful.

This is how I make my character speak another language with accent marks.

OK, first I go to google, and look up “Speech bubble PNG” Should come out with Speech Bubbles with transparent BGs that are well PNGs, And then I opened Up “Paint.NET” a completely free painting software that you can just go to the website and get, it is proven in the download when it pops up and so if you see “if you paid for you need to your money back BC this is a free software” and you paid to get the stuff, you should ur money back basically. :stuck_out_tongue: I maybe add a Color to it, or I just copy and paste the words into the software

And then I save it, go to overlay catalog and upload it and wait for it to be approved.

And then I spot direct in front of the character, now it is going to get tricky.

I use this code:

@speechbubble is 0 0 to 0%

This code will make the original speech bubble invisible.

@speechbubble is 0 0 to 0%

&overlay OVERLAY create
&overlay OVERLAY shifts to X Y
&overlay OVERLAY scales to X Y
&overlay OVERLAY opacity 1.0

    CHARACTER (talk_apathatic)
This is for your overlay.

&overlay OVERLAY clear

&remove overlay OVERLAY < As this command is no longer valid and will cause an error, do NOT use this one.

You can also make it stay for an amount of time but you don’t have to.

That code up top is better probably, it gives people time to read it.

You can also use it for warnings, and etc. Thank u, goodbye, and yo’ welcome meh brotha’s

You can also upload a bunch of letter overlays and some speech bubble overlays and then move the letters to where you want them to be if you don’t wanna clutter up your overlay catalog, but that may take more work & time. :slight_smile: As well as uploading sentences, (Tested out to see if it fits in the speech bubbles before upload using a painting software or something else like photoshop) to direct in front of the speech bubble overlay.

This is a link to a dead page, could you please clarify what you’re asking with this post? Thanks

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I forgot to post, you should ALWAYS add a @speechbubble reset after the code, bc after that all of your speech bubbles will become invisible.

@Ryan this has been turned into a tutorial post.

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