How to make your character walk to the bed and lay down?

says it all

@CHARACTER walks to spot xxxx xxx xxx (this should be a spot in front of the bed) then CHARACTER is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop and CHARACTER spot xxxx xxx xxx (spot that puts them on the bed when laying)
Side note: You may have to make the character face a different direction by putting
and CHARACTER faces left/right after CHARACTER is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop

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Have your character walk to a spot next to the bed using:

@CHAR walks to spot s x y in t

There is no animation for lying down, so you might use a sitting down animation as a kind of transition, but would ultimately need to do:

&CHAR spot s x y
&CHAR is idle_lay AND CHAR faces left

(change direction, animation, and coordinates to what you want)

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@pan to zone 3

music music_alternativegroove
@RACHAEL enters from left to screen center

this is what i have written so far

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