How to make your own cover art/background/overlays on a mobile app!

Wondering how you can make your own cover art? How to make your own overlay? Well then I have the app for you!

(Android link.
It’s available for ios too)

Yes! Sketch is the perfect app for those who want to create their own cover art and overlays!
It has awesome realastic stickers (like space, galaxy, trees, makeup) and they aren’t kiddish smileys… They are really professional and can also be used as an overlay in your story

To make the overlay just draw or paste any sticker you want to make an overlay on the clear canvas first!

Then to make the background transparent, use this link!

This can transform ANY image having ANY BACKGROUND to a PNG image with a TRANSPARENT background.

You can make literally ANYTHING an overlay like this. Just click the picture/screenshot, crop which thing you wanna make an overlay (just like in Photoshop, you can crop something like an individual character)

For cover art you can literally infuse your creativity! Sketch has an amazing zooming system which allows you to go to the tiniest detail. Use stickers, text and cropped characters in your art.

(Note: cropping anything can be itself quiet hard as I myself figured it out after a long time. So it’s better if you ask me if you have problem in anything and I will take a screenshot of the thing you want to know as soon as possible)

Here is an example of a cover I made using sketch.

And this is an example of a overlay I made using a transparent PNG background.

I hope I helped you in any way. Please mention your queries down below! :blush:


Luv your cover!

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Damn it looks good…
Is it a mobile or a computer one??

It is done by a mobile app😊 and thanks.
The app looks really simple and appealing than Photoshop :dizzy_face:

I’ll try that out…
Thanks for sharing this with us…:blush::blush:

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Your welcome. And at the overlay part, the transparent background is moved to business users so you have to use this link:

This transformed ANY image with ANY background into a PNG image with transparent background!

Okay thanks…
I will definitely need it… and…
its an mobile app right??

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Yeah! Sketch is a mobile app and Luna pic link is a site to which you can directly go through your phone!

If you download sketch and have any problem reply I will help you. It’s really simple once you get the hang of it😊

Thanks I will let you know if I faced problem with it (That is very much possible)…
So, thank you…:blush::blush:

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