How To Make Your Own Cover!


Most of us has heard “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”…but we’ve done it…and that’s okay…sometimes.

We all know how much of a impact a cover of a story can make. It also takes long to wait for cover requests by the amazing instagram episode editors that do covers for free. So I thought that I could give you guys a few steps on how to make your own covers.
Let’s get started!

Things you will for sure need :

Phonto app
Picsart (or preferred editing app)

Things you might want :
Ibis paint x
Eraser , MagicEraser (or anything like it)

Go to your preferred story or create one.
You will see a small default cover on the upper left side of your story’s menu. Click on that and you should see two default covers.
Click on a cover for a few seconds and you should see a option so you can download it. Download it and do the same to the other one.

STEP 2 :
Go to your preferred editing app ,get the default background and color over or adjust your preferred background over it.


STEP 3 : Screenshot preferred characters in your preferred pose , and erase around it as neatly as you can (you don’t have to use picsart but you can for this. I personally like to use apps that were meant for erasing backgrounds like “eraser” .) to get as much as the background from around the character(s)

Scroll through filters ,effects ,stamps and stickers and experiment to your likings! You can also use Ibis paint X to draw

Go to the “Phonto” app and add your title ,the name of who you would like the author to be and any other things you want your readers to see and pick your desired font.

I know it might seem confusing but it’s actually very easy and fun. After you polish and finish your covers , you’re going to feel so progressive and proud. I make my story covers with these methods and I’m personally proud of myself. I know it’s not the best of quilties but when you put work into something , you cherish it more ,and you feel more of a connection to it. If you have any questions OR tips ,please comment below! :smile: :blush: :grin:

Used Phonto ,Eraser ,Picsart and ibis paint x


Thank you for reading :grin:

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Hi! I also have something to add on making story covers! There are apps such as Ibis Paint X or Adobe Draw Illustrator that can help you to draw episode characters for those that are looking for a cover including their characters on it. And if drawing episode characters are hard for you, theres this app called Adobe Photoshop. It would cut out characters and paste to the preferred background that you are looking for.


thank so much for this i have been wanting to know how to create a cover for my story for a while now


anything for iMac?


No ,I’m sorry :(.


It’s ok


From this thread I created a cover! I’m proud of it. Thanks for your advice :heart:

Update; I actually changed it around a bit, now it looks like this:


I love the way it turned out




It looks so good omg! Glad I could help!:heart:


This thread got me into making my large covers, In my thread


@BoredBabe I can’t directly download all these apps so can anyone you me safe sites to download phonto app, ibis paint x and magiceraser

#13 is a safe site and you might be able to find them


What software did you use?


Ibis paint x


For all of it?


here what I made


I made it using pixlr


I like it :heart_eyes_cat::heart:


Thank you