How To Make Your Own Cover!


woahhhhhh…im in love


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How do you make your characters face the ohter way on pixlr
my characters are stuck like this


How did you cut them out so well?!


Hey i used the website pixlr
I also pressed ctrl shift and the button with mutiple squares to get just the characters


You can flip your characters by going into the top bar, clicking ‘Layer’ and then a small window should come up. Then you can press ‘Flip layer horizontal’ to make the character face the other direction.

I hope this helped! :revolving_hearts: @coolgirl44


Hey I made a cover because of this thread. How can I share it to you, guys? I would like to share it to y’all.


thank you for helping this is my finished product


Looks amazing! <3


thank you


If youre on mobile you should see that little picture


I’m glad to help. It turned out adorable.


i’m so confused on the way you explained the steps :sob: i have my characters all set and erased the backgrounds, and i have the background i wanna use but now what ? ? how do i put my characters on the cover i want ?


How do you change the cover for your story in the app?


What do you think?


i’ve made a long journey through pixlr, it may not be the best… but it is useful.


@softangel okay, 1st off… get the size of the natural cover for episode, ( 966x642) then! go on layers, click add image as layer, ( they’ll be something like that ( go on edit, click Free transform, put the background as the- let me just show you,helping%20somebody

then click layers add image, get your characters… press Free transform size it, fix it… then like you have it done. if you wonder why the background is fire, i mag pied coolgirl44’s fire thing, and made me own thing. :slight_smile:


how do i make something like this on pixlr


To Be Honest, Pixlr can do blush… but if you’ve been on pixlr for long, surely you’ll know.


ok thx