How to make your own SPLASH!

Making a simple splash is pretty easy… so I’m going to teach you how to make one! Specifically a “thanks for reading!”

1. Go to Pixlr
Go to pixlr and click “create a new image”. Then make the dimensions 640 x 1136 and make it transparent. Then click ok.



2. Import Background
Go to Google and search up for a background you want. Right click then save image as. Then go back to pixlr and hover ur mouse under layer, then click open image as layer and click your bg.



Go to edit > free transformation and then use the blue boxes to make it bigger. use shift to keep proportion If wanted (go to filer > guassian blur to blur the bg)

3, Text
Go to the left and click on the ‘A’ which is text. Then write whatever you want. (You’ll easily get the hang of it.


  1. Text Outline
    If you wanna outline your text, go to the right of your screen >>>> sis and click the highlighted button. Then click outer glow, and you can mess with the other options

  2. Extras
    Now here you can add things like extra images or extra text. You can also mess with the options under filer & adjustment

The final result:

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Hey! I have already got a thread on the forums on how to do so! How to make a SPLASH using the website,!