HOW TO: Message Someone, Put Account on Private + Extra Stuff

First of all, I recommend for you to check out: Trust Levels & How They Work!

Anyways, let’s begin!

Messaging Someone (or a bunch of people):

Making Your Account on Private:

Extra Stuff (filtering posts):

Bonus Stuff (In regards to replies):

  • The limit for group PMs is 500 replies and for individual PMs with just 2 people, the max replies length is the same-around 500 replies :hibiscus:

You gain more replies in a PM as you add people :rose:

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Valid as of December 1st, 2019 :heart:


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May I add another way to message someone?


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In regards to group PM’s I’d like to share this lovely quote by @amberose :rose: :heart:


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The message button isn’t there for me.

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It should appear once you tap on a person’s name, if their profile is public.

Did you check out the post I linked above (first thing mentioned in the OP-original post):

This is a quote from the thread that I’ve linked :cherry_blossom:

By the way, you won’t be able to send a PM to a user or invite them into a PM if they turn their messages off :nerd_face:

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How to Turn Messages off so people can’t PM you or invite you into a PM:

You will be able to communicate with them privately if you have an existing PM prior to them turning their messages off.

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