How to mix Spotlight with Full Character Display in a story?


Hi, there! Can anyone help me with this?
I’ve read few stories that mix both Spotlight and full character display, but, I don’t see this option in the directing guides and I’d like to add this to my story.


set format spotlight

set format cinematic


I got an error message saying that it’s not possible in this story bc its format is locked to Spotlight. :sob:


You need to make your story in cinematic first and then you will be able to switch between formats👌


That’s depressing. I have 20 eps using Spotlight format. I wish there was a warning about it in the moment we are about to choose a format.:broken_heart:


Yeah, you’re right, they should include a warning (I wanted to make one of my spotlight stories in cinematic, but it can’t be done, so I just left it discontinued, sigh) however it is in the Episode guides. At the top of Writer’s Portal, near My Stories and Art Catalog, you can find Guides.

When you select that, there are options on the left side under Directing Your Story. When you go through them, you should be able to come across Spotlight Format. Click on that and you’ll see something that says Spotlight Guide.

Select that and read through it; you’ll find so many cool tips when it comes to Spotlight-actually, going through the whole guide, watching Joseph Evans’ tutorials, checking out help tips on the forums is a good idea.

Anyway, when reading through the Spotlight Guide, you’ll see something that says “Note: Selecting this format means the entire story will be in Spotlight. You cannot “set format cinematic” in these stories.” It means you can’t use set format cinematic in your story-so if you select the spotlight style, the whole story has to be in Spotlight style.

You can also check this out, though it’s pretty much an exact copy of what’s in the guides regarding the Spotlight Style:

@Alex_98 has already told you though, just wanted to add extra stuff :wink:

@Alex_98 you are so awesome & helpful, I wish I could give you an help award :pleading_face::grin::revolving_hearts:



Yeah, I learned about those details while working on my story because, until then, everything was new and I didn’t quite know where to find the proper information. But, I was creating another story (INK) just now and noticed that the Episode team included a warning below the Spotlight option! This is going to help other writers, so, it’s just fine! The Spotlight format is still the underdog so I know it’s risky to keep on writing in it. However, I decided to split my story in two different seasons so that I can offer full body display to readers at least.