How to motivated and creative

Wdym? The thing about the purge??
In that case it’s just to get your head into a creative mode. It can be totally ridiculous but it helps to get your brain used to being creative. So you don’t actually have to follow through on that. It’s more of like a warm up exercise. You can if you come up with sth good ofc


yh :frowning: trust me I wish we could do stories like the purge but we can’t anymore cuz its kinda extreme violence.


I meant the thing, where you imagine yourself as the MC :slight_smile:


Yea ikr. I wish there was a 13+ feature kinda like on movie ratings.


I will also try adding in struggles that some people face everyday. Maybe this could make it more interesting and realistic? (because my action plot is not really realistic)


how about you write a story about Living with My Sister
it could be about how your sister is all on your side and she starts to change into this whole b*tch to you and she turns against you. and she could be holding on to something that the MC did in the past when they were little i hope that makes sense and i literally just came up with that

woah you’re good and fast when it comes to coming up with ideas hahah. that’s the thing, I don’t want my MC to be “put down” or be “weak”, because I sort of want to put her in my position, like that she learned something from the past, and now she won’t let other people be the bigger one. (does that make any sense)

Yh that makes sense so what did the mc learn in the past? like wha did he or she learned and how about you just name it Learning From My Past

if I reflect myself into the MC, basically she used to be weak and let everyone think of her what they wanted, and she was in a toxic relationship, so maybe now she’s grown up and knows how to stand up for herself and isn’t afraid to speak up? I know that for some younger readers, toxic relationship could be a disturbing content though

so thats the plot so all you need is a title right?

oh no that’s not the plot! it’s just something that she’s going to reflect on. and I have the title ready!

so whats the title? so what do you mean reflect ?

the title is Roses Among Thorns. (sort of makes sense, right?)
as I said, there’s going to be some unrealistic action going on. she’s sort of an assassin (who does good things), and she basically transformed from a shy unnoticed kid to a “powerful” woman? (I’m cringing at myself for some reason). she would also meet a guy, but I don’t know what his position is going to be. I also said that the story could reflect on the movie Divergent (if you watched it, you know).

when you were explaining it. It was kinda hard to think of what it would be like. But if that doesn’t makes sense to you how about you just have the sides of the MC. Like shes an assassin on one side but the other side shes the nice person. And the guy was the one who changed her into the good person.

yeah honestly, it could be like:
as a young girl she’s weak, then she becomes some deadly assassin and then she meets a guy who changes her for the good?
but my other sense, was thinking that the guy leads a gang lol.
I’m not creative AT ALL.

i honestly like the first part OH HOw about you do as a young girl shes weak because she had an abusive father <- don’t show the father abusing her cuz you can get your story taken down) and then she had to kill her father. And then when shes an adult she because an assassin and whiles shes at a bar or sum shes meets a guy who changes her into a good person and she gives up her assassin life

sounds good! instead of the father, I could change it into a boyfriend (as I mentioned before, toxic partner)

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yh thats a good idea

I sort of want the girl MC to have high standards (EDIT: because of trust issues) . maybe the guy wouldn’t need to be just a regular guy?

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