HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

PM me your full scene.

what do you mean. didnt i already do that

How do I make my overlays move the same time as my characters are moving

Using & instead of @:


&overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to X Y in T
@CHAR walks to ________ in T

I don’t get it

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hey i have a question
are all characters on a deafalt layer

There’s no such a thing as a default layer, the character you write in the script will be automatically at layer in front the previous one. The entering character is always in front of everyone.

ohh ok is there a way to tell what layer a character is on

No, until you move them to layers yourself :grin:


I have a problem. So I’m using the INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY background and the COUNTER BAKERY overlay. I’m trying to make a character go behind the counter and the reset out the counter, can anyone help me?

place your overlay at layer 1, character behind at layer -1 and ones in front to layer 2,3,4 etc.

I did do that, it won’t work

can you post your script?

Try this

@overlay COUNTER BAKERY moves to layer 1


You need to place characters first then move them to layers

Yes, @Apes is right. Also, try using this command or your character, it works for me!

& EMPLOYEE moves to layer -1