HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

Move to a layer in front of the overlay. For example if your overlay is at layer 2 put the character at layer 3 or higher

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Thank you

I am doing one in a premade overlay, so Episode had already put it there, I want a character behind the bar in the INT. BAR - DAY but it won’t work. I tried negative layers and positives but it doesn’t work.

What’s your script?


@OPHELIA changes into OPHELIA_1

@CAMERON changes into CAMERON_default

@add Red Cup to Cameron

@ZZ2 stands screen center AND ZZ2 faces right AND ZZ2 moves to layer -2

&CAMERON spot 1.343 70 0 AND CAMERON faces right AND CAMERON is drink AND OPHELIA spot 1.165 380 23

@OPHELIA walks to spot 1.165 270 23 in 2

@OPHELIA faces right AND OPHELIA is rear

    OPHELIA (talk_rear)
Where the hell is the waitress?

    CAMERON (talk_shrug)
Got tipsy off tequila and passed out.

But there’s no overlay here :thinking:

You know those Episode backqrounds that already have an overlay without putting in the script, it’s one of those.

INT. BAR - DAY doesn’t have an overlay in it

Oh, oops. I have another scene, the classroom one, I’m pretty sure it’s the same issue.

You can find a bar overlay in @uwe.episode drive if you need one. :slight_smile:

and which classroom? :thinking:


@CAMERON stands screen left CAMERON faces right AND CAMERON is write_notepad AND CAMERON moves to layer 0

@OPHELIA stands screen right AND OPHELIA faces right AND OPHELIA is write_notepad AND OPHELIA moves to layer 1

@LILI enters from right to screen center

    LILI (talk_rear)
We need to go, mission alert.


and then move the characters to the desired layers (if you want them to be behind, don’t use the layers, they’ll be behind automatically)

OMG, thank you so much. You are like my overlay queen. lol.

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Me again lol
I’ve layered my overlay so it appears over my character but it still behind her any idea why?
INT.TVROOM with CONCERT CROWD to 0.241 65 305 in zone 2 with MICROPHONE to 0.215 176 310 in zone 2 with BLACKOUT to 1.831 62 300 in zone 2
@overlay BLACKOUT to layer -1
@KIRSTY JONES spot 0.182 154 557 in zone 2 and KIRSTY JONES is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose
@KIRSTY JONES to layer -2

my other overlays have layered fine

Your command is wrong.
Use either:
@KIRSTY JONES spot 0.182 154 557 in zone 2 at layer -2 and KIRSTY JONES is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose
@KIRSTY JONES moves to layer -2

thank you xxx

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I have a question about layers because I put this guy in layer 10 or something so he’s like in front of this overlay but it’s not working! And i tried it like 10 times but its messed up and I said MOVES TO LAYER blah but it’s still not working. sigh someone come to my rescue pls. :slight_smile:

see? what is up with this thing. Hopefully someone answers this cus im stuck boiiiii.

can you copy and paste a whole scene? Did you move overlay to the layer?

I didnt move the overylay because then the guy who is sitting down would be in front of it