HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers


Your command is wrong.
Use either:
@KIRSTY JONES spot 0.182 154 557 in zone 2 at layer -2 and KIRSTY JONES is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose
@KIRSTY JONES moves to layer -2


thank you xxx


I have a question about layers because I put this guy in layer 10 or something so he’s like in front of this overlay but it’s not working! And i tried it like 10 times but its messed up and I said MOVES TO LAYER blah but it’s still not working. sigh someone come to my rescue pls. :slight_smile:


see? what is up with this thing. Hopefully someone answers this cus im stuck boiiiii.


can you copy and paste a whole scene? Did you move overlay to the layer?


I didnt move the overylay because then the guy who is sitting down would be in front of it


PM me your script please


i did person moves to layer -10 but it didnt work


PM me your full scene.


what do you mean. didnt i already do that


How do I make my overlays move the same time as my characters are moving


Using & instead of @:


&overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to X Y in T
@CHAR walks to ________ in T


I don’t get it



hey i have a question
are all characters on a deafalt layer


There’s no such a thing as a default layer, the character you write in the script will be automatically at layer in front the previous one. The entering character is always in front of everyone.


ohh ok is there a way to tell what layer a character is on


No, until you move them to layers yourself :grin:




I have a problem. So I’m using the INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY background and the COUNTER BAKERY overlay. I’m trying to make a character go behind the counter and the reset out the counter, can anyone help me?