HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers


Your command is wrong.
Use either:
@KIRSTY JONES spot 0.182 154 557 in zone 2 at layer -2 and KIRSTY JONES is flirt_wink_atcamera_pose
@KIRSTY JONES moves to layer -2


thank you xxx


I have a question about layers because I put this guy in layer 10 or something so he’s like in front of this overlay but it’s not working! And i tried it like 10 times but its messed up and I said MOVES TO LAYER blah but it’s still not working. sigh someone come to my rescue pls. :slight_smile:


see? what is up with this thing. Hopefully someone answers this cus im stuck boiiiii.


can you copy and paste a whole scene? Did you move overlay to the layer?


I didnt move the overylay because then the guy who is sitting down would be in front of it


PM me your script please


i did person moves to layer -10 but it didnt work


PM me your full scene.