HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers


Thank you for that hint.

After I changed this the Waitress enters behind the girl (is correct), but then she still stands in front of them. :frowning:



@WAITRESS enters from right to spot 1.280 153 -19 AND WAITRESS moves to layer -3

just make sure it’s after you moved your other characters to the layers :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! Actually I found another solution. But really thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


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Hi! I would need help with an overlay, if there is the overlay already in the background like INT. SCHOOL OFFICE OL - DAY, how do I put one character in front and one behind it? Is it possible?
Thanks for help! :slight_smile:



then move your character behind to layer lower than 1 and character in front to layer higher than 1


thank you!


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I need heeeeelp…again.

So I’m making ANOTHER story which is lgbt. I’m trying to make the characters move to another spot while kissing, how would it look like on a script? I’m using the INT. EURO HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT background. Could you show me how the script would look like? I want to make one of the characters kinda like push the other onto the wall while they kiss? Lmao, it’s kinda uncomfortable but I’m just tryna figure it out. If you want me to explain to you with more detail, in a more comfortable way, I’ll be sure to do so.


You need to move them to the spot you want and then use walks to spot command


&CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in S AND CHARACTER faces side CHARACTER does it while kiss_animation THEN CHARACTER is kiss_animation AND CHARACTER faces side
@CHARACTER1 walks to spot % X Y in S AND CHARACTER1 faces side CHARACTER1 does it while kiss_animation THEN CHARACTER1 is kiss_animation AND CHARACTER1 faces side


Oh my pretzels, thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver.


I have one more question tho, could you label the characters? Like Sofia and Charlie?


It doesn’t have to be called CHARACTER1 and CHARACTER2, you can use any name that you have chosen for a character-these are just examples. Instead of writing CHARACTER1 and CHARACTER2, writing SOFIA and CHARLIE is fine ^^

Also, side just stands for left/right (what direction the character is facing in)


Yeah, I understand that, but I’m kinda getting confused because on her example, it mentions only CHARACTER 5 times.


Example using names:


Oof, okay, I was just stressing out because I thought it was gonna give me an error if I used the same animations two times. THANK YOU! I’m done bothering now, lol.


Well, here I am again. So I’m trying to use the TABLE DINER overlay and the INT. LA APARTMENT - DAY but for some reason, my two characters won’t go behind the overlay.


move them to layers after you place them or in the same line


Oh, it worked, thank you so much!


What am I doing wrong? It’s saying that the layer number can only be specified once…

INT. JAILCELL with JAILCELL1 at layer 2 WITH JAILSBARS at layer 0 WITH JAILBARS at layer -1