How to move eyes (overlay advanced directing)

So i am currently done with writing my story and i was inspired by bukki to do the eye movement but not in the same way she posted it i wanted one of my characters to be standing and looking mad and then moving his eyes to the side so first he is looking left and then his eyes move slowly to the right but my problem is i did the overlay of the character who is mad but have no idea how to do the eye movement like how to make the eyes stay inside and not outside like im making my own eyes so how would i make the eyes stay inside do i have to make 2 or more overlays like idk this is the only place i can ask beacuse many large creators dont respond and then say learn yourself like i ask nicely but they reject me so yhea


There’s a YouTube video you can watch it’ll explain better than me


thank you for the help ill check it out and try to see if it works

No problem