How to move lips during a custom pose?

hey, so i’ve seen in many stories, the characters move lips while talking, and it’s not an animation, it’s during an overlay, so if someone knows, please show me how to make my character talk during a custom pose overlay if u get what i mean (i am really bad at explaining lol)


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You need at least 2 overlays of lips (you can add more if you want)

Example of lips



Now we’ll play with opacity
You need to turn on opacity very fast and turn off very fast

&overlay LIPS opacity 1 in 0.2 AND overlay LIPS2 opacity 1 in 0.2 THEN overlay LIPS opacity 0 in 0.2 AND overlay LIPS2 opacity 0 in 0.2

Copy and paste in the same line if you’d like to lips to move longer :blush:


thank you so much

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Np :kissing_heart: feel free to pm me if you have any questions :blush:

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thank you :two_hearts:

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i do this and put the dialogue right after this line?

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Yes :heart:

Thank you!

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