How to move overlays in sync with hands [ASAP] :folded_hands:

Hello everyone!

I need help putting a pizza box on a girls hand to move it to the table and set it there, how can I code this? Or could someone help me?

ok do I gt right that hand and pizza are both overlays?

than you simply first place both overlays in strting position than in ending position and move them together using & with the same time to the end position.

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The hand isn’t an overlay. XD
Just the pizza

so the characted does animation and you want to move the overlays simultanously with it?

This is always tricky.
There is no sure method jsut try and fail because you have to find ut the speed of the animation.
Also the animaton is probably not 100% linear and therefore it will be very hard (usually impossible) to make it 100 synchronic.

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Okay, thank you so much!

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