How to move overlays?


So my scene is where MC stands next to her bed and throws her alarm clock off the screen. So how do I set the alarm clock (overlay) in the spot I want and how do I get it to move off screen?


Idk sorry :confused::confused::confused:


That’s okay. :confused:


Sorry :frowning:️ I’ve seen people do it though, maybe search for it on YouTube?


Ok, I’ll have a look!




Nope, nothing


@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to [spot] in [amount of time]


I tried that and it didn’t work


Huh… sorry​:confused::joy:


That works for me.


would you like me to send that part on here, so you can see it?




INT. GIRLBED - DAY with ALARM to 1.000 119 304 in zone 2 at layer -1

@cut to zone 2

@pause for a beat

@AMBERLE spot 0.875 149 216 in zone 2 AND AMBERLE faces left AND AMBERLE is slap_face

&overlay shifts to 1.000 50 304 in 2 in zone 2


&overlay ALARM shifts to 50 304 in zone 2 in 2


Ok I’ll try it!


Oh my god! Thank you sooooo much!


No problem! Happy to help!


I was looking for help on overlays and saw you were really good with them so i have a question. If your character is already in zone 1 and is facing left how would you throw the overlay the same way and off screen without it going to the right If that makes any sense


I think I know what you mean… but could you explain a little more?