How to Move the Plot Along in the first 3 episodes?

I’m currently writing my 5th story, and I am having some issues with moving the plot along in the first 3 episodes of my story. I’ve made the plot known in the first 3 episodes of my first story, but now, I don’t know where I went wrong at with my story that I am currently writing. I guess you can say that I need a personal beta reader to help me a bit.

The name of my story is called Sophisticated & Deceived. Here’s the link to it: My story
I also have Instagram if you’d like to contact me on there and help me. My Instagram is @brianam.stories.

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Because you have to go to this thread on your mobile device and click the link from there

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Yeah… It will not let you read my story through a computer screen.

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Please BUMP this!

would you like to do a review for review? i’d love some feedback on if i’m getting the message across to readers as well! :grin:

That would be nice.

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great ill send feedback as soon as i’m done!

Are you going to give me any ideas on how I can incorporate the plot my story in the first 3 episodes?

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yeah! i’m going to look to see how you can improve it so that the reader can understand the plot better within the first 3 episodes! if that’s okay with you of course :grin:

That’s fine with me!

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