How to mute a story on the app


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gr8 idea

Lmao I’m considering doing it now :skull:
Hm but like ask every chapter or just one time?


But imagine all that branching just for sound :sob::skull:

Hahshshs it’s kinda the same as asking if you’re playing on an tablet or smartphone
I’m doing that and it’s actually not that much of an extra effort


Then I’d definitely read cause I hate music in episode stories


Okay I’m gonna add that option 'cuz it’s kinda cool lmao


rlly? why?

Yeah? SO COOL!!

I’m adding it now to my story ahaha

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wow! yeah girl! so cool

Bc I don’t lmao :sob:
And they sound so irritating and half of the time they don’t match the mood or scene

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haha, i’m glad u told me this. Someone dmed me and said having sound would make my story more interesting. What should i do???

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It’s up to you at the end of the day
If u wanna put sound u can, if not then u shouldn’t
Do what makes YOU comfortable :white_heart:

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I would recommend doing it 'cuz if people don’t like it they can turn it off. Or you do what I do and ask if they want music or not so they can listen their own music if they want to <3

@TalGordin always keeps Sound On/Off options in her stories and it’s really cool!!!

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You could use gains.

There isn’t a way of muting the sound on a story but turning on silent mode on your device might work :woman_shrugging:they really should add a choice into the app settings