How To Narrow Down Eviction?

Hey guys, so I need some help trying to understand eviction. I know people have to move out from their homes or business, etc because of something. Is it lack of paying off rent? I want to include it in my story but its hard for me to understand the steps. Is it the same for everyone?

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Yeah I see that part but is it different for everyone? How long it will take for yall to move? In your country is the process different?

i’ll be honest. I don’t know. i think it depends on the landlord and the rules he can set with their lawyer

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From what I know (based on my state), California gives you 30 to 60 days after being served to find a new place. If failed to relocate, the landlord has the right to keep everything in your house to resell, and as well as the right to change the locks on all doors to prevent you from getting anything back.

Some would call it payment :woman_shrugging: to reimburse the failed rent.


The owners of rental properties have a process that they have to follow to actually evict someone.
It’s different depending on the state/country you live in but most require a 30 day written official notice that they are being evicted and some require you to register that notice with the courts.

Most come from failure to pay rent, though some simply come through the owners own personal rules.

Example: My friend’s landlord told her that she couldn’t have overnight guests of any kind (family or friend). My understanding was the prior tenant threw some pretty wild parties and ruined their property. If she had guests over night, they’d evict her. It would still require the written notice but they have the power to evict for any reason since they are private owners of the rental property.

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It sounds like it’s slightly different for everyone depending on the Country! :thinking:
In the UK Landlords have to give you at least two months notice, by law.

If the Landlord wants the property back after the tenancy ends, rather than letting tenants renew for longer… then they serve the tenants with what is called a Section 21 Eviction Notice.

If the Landlord is evicting tenants who broke terms of a tenancy or destroyed the property in some way, then the tenants will be served with what is called a Section 8 Eviction Notice.

Is your story set in any particular Country?! If so, maybe use google to check the rulings around evictions for that Country.

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