HOW TO: Nested Choices

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Have you ever used a nested choice in your story? :thinking:

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@PizzaWriter , @Gina123 , @sofieamelia , did you guys try it out for your stories or story if you have only one published? :face_with_monocle:

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I have a tiny question about these nested choices

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What are nested choices

Nested choices are when you “nest” choices in choices.

So, having choices within choices.

“Nest”: Think of it like a bird’s nest where smaller pieces of twigs, mud, leaves are stored within the whole nest.

Plus, nest literally means “fit (an object or objects) inside a larger one.”

Also, if you test out the code you’ll see how it works : )

According to Episode, “Branches can be nested (branches within branches) and grow to be really complicated.”

So for this example, if someone chooses vanilla first, then sprinkles, they will get a vanilla sprinkle ice cream. If they choose vanilla and then no sprinkles, they will get a vanilla without sprinkles ice cream. If they choose chocolate and sprinkles, they will get a chocolate and sprinkle ice cream. Chocolate without sprinkles will give them a chocolate without sprinkles ice cream. This is a simple example that leads to four different outcomes that are possible.

You’re literally nesting choices in choices : )

Hope I explained it well and if not, sorry :wilted_flower:

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So instead of writing @pause for a beat, you can also write:

@pause for 0

This means that the scene will pause for 0 seconds, so no seconds at all, so there won’t even be a pause at all ^^

Anyways, I hope this guide helps people with Nested Choices and PM me if you end up getting confused (or write your error on this thread) and I will do my best in helping you out : )

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I’ve never actually seen anyone use a nested choice in their story :thinking: But then again, I probably wasn’t paying attention lol

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