How To: No character name then suddenly When they Introduce their name The Speechbubble NAME Of the Character Will Appear?!

Hey Guys! If you Saw this post please help me Out!:pleading_face: English isn’t my main language but pls help me I want my character To stay Anonymous with no name BUT once they introduce theirselve the Characters name On the Speechbubble Will APPEAR? HELP ME PLSSSS IT WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME :sparkles::heart:

You create a duplicate of that character with no name and then replace it with the actual character when they introduce themselves

Thanks but is there any way?:pleading_face::heart:

Or, as I usually do, you create a character with no name and place it offscreen, make it talk when your character is talking and then when it is introduced you change the character who is speaking - with this method you will need to place the speechbubble

Thank you very much! it means a lot to me What’s your name on Instagram So that we can Talk?:heart::pleading_face:

My ig is @aite.writes - feel free to message me if you have any question about coding!

Ofc :pleading_face::heart: thank you!

Hi @Nick @Sydney_H Can you please Close This Thread Thankyou! :heart::heart:

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