How to pan over screen when you have huge tappable overlays?

Pretty much i have tappable overlays that span everywhere on my screen. How do i allow the panning to occur? When i tap and drag to pan, it taps the overlay at the same time. How do i separate the two??

@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

i feel like that would just delay the tapping of the overlay? That doesnt solve the situation. When its panning, i dont want any overlays to be tapped.

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so do you want the readers to be able to touch the screen and move it around?

yep, but not tap on the overlays by accident. I want them to pan over but not tap anything else.

So maybe this video can help you out I think you need to warn the players aswell

it doesnt, ive seen the tutorial. He has small overlays so he can pan through, i have large ones so wherever the player taps to drag the screen they will tap an overlay.

I wonder what if you add one overlay ( an arrow or something like that) on the screen that readers can tap so they can go to a different zone?

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yeah i guess that would work, i really wanted to see if i could just separate the panning and the tappable overlays.

i dont think theres anyway to stop that. just make sure to tell the reader to not directly tap. it happened to me too

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