How to pan to a zone while a character is already there?

Help please, I’ve been looking all across the forums and it looks like noone is having the same problem as me or maybe I’m just doing it wrong ): Can someone explain please? I’m trying to have FEMALEAVATAR already in the spot while I pan to zone 5 and back to zone 4.

You can try
&FEMALEAVATAR spot .900 50 90 in zone 4
@pan to zone 5

(The same thing you have but with the spot direction before the pan that way you are telling your script FEMALEAVATAR must be standing there first before the pan happens)

Didn’t work lol, I might just be putting the wrong spot though.

music chatter
&MOM stands screen center in zone 1
&FEMALEAVATAR spot 0.900 50 90 in zone 4
@cut to zone 1
@transition fade in black

@pan to zone 5

This is my mom.

@pan to zone 4 in 2

This is me.

I made a couple small changes in placement because I felt it would work better that way, but you can change it back if you’d like.

Thank you (: I got the results I wanted, just have to make FA not be so far down. Your help is appreciated!

You’re welcome!

@Jeremy close please.

This has been solved, @Jeremy or @Sydney_H you can close :nerd_face:


Solved and closed. Thanks all!