🌹 HOW TO: Pan + Zoom at the same time + Extra Material 🌹

If you want to zoom and pan to another zone from the current zone you’re in, first, what you’ll need to do is cut to both zones (at different times) and then use the Camera to zoom into the zone to copy the desired coordinates into your script.


#Type in your script:

&cut to zone 1
&zoom reset


&cut to zone 3
&zoom reset


Right now, we’re at the default zoom. Wherever your main scene is taking place, it is highly recommended you zoom on there first and copy the coordinates you get. For example, let’s say, we want the camera to zoom in on a character’s face (or body) in zone 3, we cut to that zone first, zoom in and copy those coordinates.

Locating the Camera (controls Zoom and Focus)


To combine the zoom and pan, you can either do:

&zoom on X Y to #% in S
@pan to zone # in S


&pan to zone # in S
@zoom on X Y to % in S

*all symbols would be replaced with numbers

Feel free to use AND/and to combine.

Putting it all together (an example script):


&cut to zone 1
&zoom on 0 243 to 177% in 0

&JEM spot 1.280 91 -76 in zone 3 AND JEM faces right AND JEM is flirt_fingersnap

@pause for 0.3

&zoom on 678 243 to 177% in 2
@pan to zone 3 in 2

@pause for 0.3

(My life sucks. Time to deliver explosive cupcakes to the boss and take over that moron’s position.)

#By the way, if you don’t mention a zone, you default to zone 1. I wrote it to show everything. Hope this is simple and that it helps.

Visual of it (gif):

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Using Built in Overlays

More info on built in overlays

  • *for backgrounds with a built in overlay, characters always end up behind the overlay so add the background name as an overlay and layer it to make a character go in front :heart:

Tutorial on Pans

More amazing helpful guides to check out:

Extra fact: I want to add on if you’re scaling an overlay (ex. making it bigger), you may notice it goes to another area you wouldn’t like for it to go. To fix this, add a shifts to command with the scales to command. You can find more information on overlays HERE and a bonus to spice up your overlays here on HOW TO: Use Easing Functions :disco: :wilted_flower: :rose: :heart:

Another fact: There’s also Line by Line mode which pauses at lines in your script rather than bubbles/dialogue (click on Line by Line mode to activate this feature. While you’re on this mode, to return to normal, click on Default Play Mode on your previewer.) But personally, I prefer to have the NARR/NARRATOR say Pause instead :purple_heart:

Hiding a Bubble While You Test (In Pictures):

To conclude, good luck with everything, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :wilted_flower: :heart:


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