HOW TO: Pause A Scene

This is easy but I decided to make a short tutorial on it!

Anyways there’s two ways to pause a scene:

  1. Use this command: @pause for a beat

You can write:

@pause for a beat

in your script as many times as you like.

Use this command: @pause for S
Replace S with a number though (in seconds)

So, if you write @pause for 5
The scene pauses for 5 seconds.

@pause for 20
The scene pauses for 20 seconds, kinda long lol!

@pause for 3.5
The scene pauses for 3.5 seconds.

@pause for 1.3
The scene pauses for 1.3 seconds.

Fast pauses are less than 1 second, like:

@pause for 0.7

You can include this in your script instead of including many @pause for beat commands.

It also works if you want a pause a cover (that you uploaded into your backgrounds) so the reader can see it and take time to adore it.

Another interesting command, (bonus):

@pause for 0

This means that the scene will pause for 0 seconds, so none at all (no pause) and this can help if you end the scene on a background (you can include it underneath since you can’t end on a background) or when you’re transitioning between music so there’s no awkward pause.

Example of using both in the script:


Welcome to this diner!

@pause for a beat

It looks quite creepy at night, doesn’t it?

@pause for 1.5

I think I even see a figure.

*BTW in case you didn’t know if you write NARR (CHAR) or NARRATOR (CHAR), the character’s display name will show up when they’re talking in a text box shaped speechbubble. So Instead of showing no name (writing only NARRATOR/NARR gives you this, it would display JEM which is the script & display name for my character)



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Thank you, @JemU776! Didn’t even know you could do this until now!

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