How to pause an action


So I have seen many stories like The new girl or Us at Midnight. That don’t show the whole action yet! They let you create you character. So I’m sure it’s not background. I been wondering how they do that… anyone have answer?


I took this from a post from @LumTwo
How to interrupt and pause actions (By @episode.uwe on Instagram)

You can “interrupt” an action by adding another one.
To do this, follow this steps.

Add an animation to a character with the “@CHARACTER starts ____” command. For example,
@DISCOBOT starts dance_kpop.

Pause the action using @pause.
@DISCOBOT starts dance_kpop
@pause for 1.2

Then, add another action with the “@CHARACTER starts” command. That would interrupt the previous action.
@DISCOBOT starts dance_kpop
@pause for 1.2
@DISCOBOT starts run_fall


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