How to people get backgrounds?

I know I made some threads recently, but here’s my problem:
I’m generally a picky person when I read stories, but I did try reading some today. Anyways, I started reading the first chapter of “Beneath the surface” and it had some really nice backgrounds! I do love making backgrounds but they’re usually variations of episode’s backgrounds and I’m running out of ideas. I also try to get backgrounds from things such as anime (because the backgrounds are actually great) but I never actually end up doing this or being able to get these great backgrounds because I’m afraid of royalty-free licenses, or if it’s commercially free (some of them don’t specify much, or it’s confusing). So how do they get these beautiful backgrounds, or do they make them- how?? My drawings skills are not good enough.

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Some editors require filling the form before you access their drive. I need to update the list but there’s a lot of creators here already :smiley: