How to: phone call scene (2 backgrounds)
Characters from: “Better Off Gone”

How to do it:

You’ll need a cut-out from the background you want to use. Something like this:

Recommended image size: 640x1136

Step 2
Place your first character at the bottom layer (for example 0) and zoom if you need to, but make sure to leave enough room for the overlay. Place your second character at the top layer (for example 2) below the displayed scene.

It should look something like this:

@MAYA spot s x y in zone z at layer 0 AND MAYA faces right AND MAYA is listen_phone_excited_loop
@CALEB spot s x -y in zone z at layer 2 AND CALEB faces left AND CALEB is listen_phone_excited_loop

Step 3
Create the overlay, move it to the middle layer (for example 1) and put it below the displayed scene, just like the second character.

@overlay PHONE CALL CAFE NIGHT create
@overlay PHONE CALL CAFE NIGHT opacity 1 in 0
@overlay PHONE CALL CAFE NIGHT shifts to x y
@overlay PHONE CALL CAFE NIGHT scales to s s
@overlay PHONE CALL CAFE NIGHT moves to layer 1

Step 4
Shift the overlay into the displayed scene along with your second character. For best results keep the x - coordinates the same for both the overlay and the character. Let it happen in the same amount of seconds.

&CALEB walks to spot s x y in t AND CALEB faces left AND CALEB does it while listen_phone_excited_loop THEN CALEB is listen_phone_excited_loop
@overlay PHONE CALL CAFE NIGHT shifts to x y in t

You’re all done! Now add dialouge.

To end the scene, make the second character and the overlay go back to their default positions the same way you had them enter.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful! Feedback is well appreciated :tulip: Also: let me know if you need any help or you can suggest other tutorials.

Also: If you’re not experienced with creating overlays like this, send/comment the background you want to use and I’ll edit it for you. :hugs:





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Duplicate closed. Please refer to HOW TO: phonecall with two backgrounds - split-screen