📱 HOW TO: Phone - Text messages


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How do you do it on mobile

you can’t, you need to use speech bubbles, I’m not sure if cell phone background is available for mobile :thinking:

Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial. It will prove useful in my stories.

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I am trying to do the little screen that looks like an Instagram post but I can not figure it out. Pleas help.

Check @miratimestwo on Instagram, she has Instagram like overlays :smile:

How do I make my character hold a phone?

What style are you using? Ink or Limelight?

If you mean making the character hold a phone using full body animation (click on the image above to enlarge it).

If you mean a closeup of the phone with just a part of the hand, if you go to overlays and type in SELFIE, you’ll find really cool ones to use.

I need help

this was really helpful as always @apes :clapping::two_hearts:

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@Lauraz i know this isn’t my thread, but what is it you need help with?

[i hope you dont mind me asking @apes, just let me know if you do x]

How do you get in because I have tried to log into the episodes, but it wouldn’t work.

Go to https://www.episodeinteractive.com and click on create a story and log in using your email or Facebook

Hey, I need a little help. I want to use an app “iFake”. If I want to make the text messages step by step, should I do several backgrounds with messages?

Yes or use format phonetext will be easier

Hello! @Apes
So I’m using the format phonetext, and I’m using my own background. Is there anyway to change the color of the names from gray? Otherwise you can’t see who’s talking. :confused:

No, unfortunately, you can only change one character to a blue bubble (and have their name blue)