📱 HOW TO: Phone - Text messages

thank you so much!

Hey good day. For some reason is not working for me. Do you know another overlay I can use. I’m using LL. Here is a picture of mine.

Can anyone help me because the text doesn’t look right on the top or on the bottom.


Try creating and directing the overlay as a ui instead. So:

@ui OVERLAY create
@ui OVERLAY opacity 1 in 0

If it doesn’t work, LMK I’ll see what else I can do.

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I will try it and let you know how it goes

Sure! :wink:

It didn’t work for some reason.

For the fake iPhone Message thingy, what do you mean by deleting service information? Probably going to sound really dumb, but just wanted to check!

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It won’t be approved if anything is left that is specific to a real phone example:

Ahh okay. So will all of that have to be cropped out then?

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This is mine for example. What would need to go?

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I would say give that a try. Seems good to me. I’m pretty sure everything is okay in that.

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Is there a possibility to change the spechbubbles’ size in the text format? :thinking: Because they don’t alwys fit into the backgrounds and it just looks off…

Yes all you have to do is click on the speechbubble and then you can use the scale and put it in the size you want. After you have that number make sure to add it to your writer portal.

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Thank you!!

Thank you so much!!!

i need some help with my messages scene!

I’m pretty sure it’s INT. CELLPHONE - DAY

oh thanks

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