How to phone text messages


So I’ve searched everywhere on the forum but couldn’t get a specific answer to the following question:
How do you make a a phone screen appear in full size and have a text message conversation where you actually see the person is ‘‘typing’’? Just like in the ‘‘Stripped’’ story.

A step by step answer would be appreciated!

Using Limelight btw.


Using overlays and a lot of directing

Do you have to make the overlays yourself, if so… how?

There are a lot of threads on here that you can ask people to help you make the overlays or you can make them yourself. I use an app called Magic Eraser to do mine! :slight_smile:

I actually want to learn how to do it myself. If anyone know how, please let me know! :hugs:

I just look up whatever image I need, use the Magic Eraser app and then upload it on to my gallery. Taught myself. Sometimes pngs (overlays) are too big so I just use to resize them. That’s what I’ve learnt so far and its working for me :slight_smile:

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