📱 HOW TO: phonecall with two backgrounds - split screen, facetime

Hey, thanks for showing me this! I got it to work in my script, but now I’m not sure how to move the overlay to make the call end. Do you have script for that already I could see?

Nope .:nerd_face:

To move the overlay and the character back you will use exat same commands as the one moving them to the scene.

You just have to change the coordinates to the one that the overlay and character had on the start of the scene where they ware ofscreen.

The principle on how to move overlay together with character is explained above :point_up:

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Thank you so much

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you are welcome. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if I missed something but, If I have a bg and I want to facetime like the 3rd option…
What do i have to do?
Do i have to download an overlay?
To show like the facetime?
(Sorry, I’m not really good at explaining… )

if you want to see them both on screen then you need an overlay with cut out window as on the last picture :point_up_2:

okay, thanks!

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I have a question about the second example you gave where the overlay shifts from the bottom. How did you make the overlay into a sort of triangular shape?

Hey! You need to create an overlay in a triangle shape manually then upload it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How do I do that? lol

There’s a number of photoshop websites out there. I personally do everything on my phone :). I’m not positive if I should discuss it here, so DM me if you want to hear my process :heart:

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If you do not know how to use such programs you can ask on the forum in the art section. There are for sure people who will help you make such overlay.

I know but I would love to know how to do it for myself instead of always having to ask someone to do it for me :pleading_face:

it depends on program you are using but basicly you change the picture so that if something is ut out it will be filled with transparency and then you cut it out. :smiley:

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