How to pick up the phone call

Hiii guys…i need your help…my character name is saloni…and i want she pickup a phone call…but there is no animation for pickup the phone call…plzzz help me how can charachter pickup the call in story??

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at 1st It was a problem for me too…and i have to find the way so
&SALONI is read_phone_neutral_loop
@pause for 2
&SALONI is react_phone_surprised or whatever you want your character to react


hope it will help you :heart:

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You dont need to show that she peeks up the phone call. You could just use a phone_talking animation instead. :sweat_smile:
You can make a topic tho requesting for an pickup_call animation :relaxed:

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thnk you so much…but this is reaction when phone ring and i want pickup scene…

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thank you so much but i can’t :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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How do I get the phone to ring

By using sounds.

I think am doing it wrong how do I put it in the script

sound phone_ring

Ok thanks u babe

Hay hun am having a small problem after my character remove the cigarette I cant seems to get him to talk on the phone I’ve been on this for hours what am I doing wrong

The cigarette isn’t a prop, right? If so, then you might have to clear it.
You can do this by “@remove (prop name here; aka cigarette) from CHARACTERNAME”

If not, then all you would have to do is just change the animation he is doing. :]

But after the cigarette is removed he should pick up the phone call but he’s talking without the phone

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change “@HUNTER starts listen_phone_eyeroll disgusted” to “@HUNTER is listen_phone_eyeroll_disgusted”

Thank you


It work am also having some issues getting the plane to move in the sky

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Like, you want the plane to move across the sky?