How to "pin" a topic?

Hi, I noticed that some posts are pinned so thay are on top of the specific category but I can unpin it…

But I haven’t found out how to pin new topic. I know I can bookmark it but it would be actually handy to pin for myself the one I see most useful in directing help atc…

so my question - can I even do it? And if I can - how?


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@Farah_DeSantis You have to be a leader to pin topics

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So it means if something is pinned by leader it is automaticly pinned for everybody? I kinda dont need that I would just love to pin it for myself. :grin: But I guess the system doesnt alow this…


if you are an admin, you can pin topic for EVERYONE to see but i dont think tht its in system.

why dont you just bookmark it then? only mods can pin and usually its important/helpful threads.

—oops sorry i didn’t really read what you said but still :woman_shrugging:


also you’re not really “unpinning” it, youre just making it not show to you.

I never said I dont have it bookmarked I am saying I would like to be able to pin it (for myself).

Only leaders can pin and un-pin.

that is not point of my question really. :smiley: I get you might see it differently but for me pinning up the topic I use most for looking on tutorials would be more handy than bookmarking thats all.

Yeah I got that it works like pin for everybody, that there is no possibility to pin it just for myself.

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ok… but you can’t pin it for yourself, it’ll show for everyone as someone said. and no you cannot pin anything unless youre a mod.

@Sydney_H can you please close this?

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you cannot pin it at all. for yourself or anyone else.

yes and I also already told I get it. :smiley:

Only staff members can pin stuff. It’s usually just polls and rule/guidelines topics that we pin, but we will, on occasion, pin useful threads created by users. :smiley:

Topic closed by OP request. :slight_smile: