How to place an overlay perfectly on a 1 zone bg + wrong syntax?

What’s the command to place an overlay (already 640x1136) perfectly over a 1 zone background? I’ve been trying to place it like that quite a while now with no luck. It’s always a few pixels off.

The background is a non blurred vers. The overlay is a blurred vers. So I guess you can imagine what I’m going for.

The command would be:

Your Background name with overlay name to X X X in zone 1 at layer #

You would have to move the overlay when you see it on your preview, to change the spot direction to fit your expectations.

If you want more than one overlay in your background you can continue using the same code above but just include on the next line.
@overlay name create
@overlay name opacity 1
@overlay name shifts X
@overlay name layer to #

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Thank you :grin: I know how to create an overlay and such, and the spot directing etc etc
I was just wondering if there is a specific shift and scale command to place an overlay over a whole zone.

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My web previewer is very sensitive so when I try to move the overlay it does it rapidly.
It’s difficult to place the overlay perfectly over the background

Shift it to 0 0, then preview and scale it so that the rectangle dotted lines line up with the whole screen.

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Would you like your intro blur overlay, cover the whole screen for your intro?

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Scale to 1.000
Shift to 0 0
would cover the whole screen

The blur overlay is fixed, but now there’s another overlay that is giving me problems :sob: it’s not showing up. I wrote opacity 1 in 0 but that doesn’t do it

Okay I guess I see the problem a little, but idk why it’s like that.
I uploaded the overlays on a png background of 640x1136, which is one whole zone, but they are a little smaller than x1136 for no reason. how do I make the overlays stay their size (640x1136) when uploading?

That just happens. You just need to scale them up to match the background

Ah, I was scared that was the case. If you don’t mind, do you know what the problem is here? I can’t figure out what I did wrong

You only have 1 shift number for both overlays and you’re missing the decimal point for the scale sizes

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Thank you!! Can’t believe I missed those things haha

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You’re welcome lol

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